• (Hot for) Teacher

    Spicy StoutABV: 6.2%IBU: 14

    Eddie Van Halen was a mastermind that pushed the boundaries of guitar playing to another level, and HOT DAMN - we miss him! We've created a couple of Van Halen variants in his honor - one sweet and one hot, covering the spectrum of his genius. (Hot for) Teacher features a three-pepper blend for a spicy finish but what may surprise you is the sweetness from the peppers that balance this bad boy!

  • Ice Cream Man

    Ice Cream StoutABV: 6.3%IBU: 14

    Eddie Van Halen was a mastermind that pushed the boundaries of guitar playing to another level, and SWEET LORD - we miss him! We've created a couple of Van Halen variants in his honor - one sweet and one hot, covering the spectrum of his genius. Ice Cream Man blends cacao nibs and Planifolia vanilla beans for subtly sweet sipper.

  • Creamsicle Debaser

    New England IPAABV: 7%IBU: 45

    A couple of years ago, we made a one-barrel batch of a beer that has become more mythical than the creamsicle it embodies. A variant of our flagship NE IPA, Creamsicle Debaser had a one-off appearance at a beer festival & has been asked about ever since. Still juicy, still hazy, with hints of those familiar vanilla & orange flavors from your childhood – Creamsicle Debaser is back to lift spirits and counterbalance the 2020 craziness!

  • Mambo Italiano

    Italian PilsnerABV: 5.2%IBU: 28

    Hey Mambo - Mambo Italiano! Italian Pilsner in Italy is as il classico as pasta and fine art, so we’ve created a recipe that’s an authentic salut. Made with Italian malt and dry-hopped with hops originating from Germany and Slovenia, it looks bright and drinks light with a mesmerizingly Mediterranean mouthfeel.

  • Slow & Low

    KölschABV: 4.4%IBU: 30

    Let it flow! That’s how it goes with our bright, refreshingly light Kölsch. Brewed with a slow and low tempo to keep this one crisp and clear. This Summer beer is hopped with Hallertau Hersbrucker and Mandarina Bavaria giving off floral notes of mellow spice and slight citrus rind.

  • After Midnight

    Baltic PorterABV: 9.2%IBU: 32

    They say nothing good ever happens after midnight. We beg to differ (at least when it comes to our Baltic Porter). This fruit forward, chocolatey brew is a medium roasted malt that will have you questioning "why not let it all hang out?" which might happen with this big boozy bastard.

  • Neutral Milk Hotel

    Milk StoutABV: 6%IBU: 16

    Catching signals that sound in the dark, Neutral Milk Hotel is a deep, rich brew filled with notes of roasted malt and coffee. On the front end you’ll detect a hint of vanilla that turns to milk chocolate with a mild dry finish. This brew is blacker than black & so good you’ll wish you’d have two heads to enjoy it.

  • Doc’s Dunkel

    DunkelweizenABV: 5.7%IBU: 19

    We’ve concocted the colorful cousin of a fan favorite - say hello to Doc’s Dunkel! Sharing Hefeweizen heritage with Doc’s Hefe, this dark wheat ale delivers notes of banana and clove while delivering a caramel sweetness. is back with a brand new edition!This is a deceptively complex, easy drinker that goes down fast.

  • Pinky & Pointer

    Pale AleABV: 5.5%IBU: 45

    It's finally here, the penultimate Pale Ale! Combing tropical notes found in new age hop Azacca with the floral backbone of old school hop Centennial, this brew will make you clench your fist, extend your pinky and pointer, and raise a glass to rock out!

  • Channel Orange

    Blood Orange IPAABV: 6.9%IBU: 50

    If you’re looking for a ruby red IPA with a bittersweet profile, look no further than the blood orange concoction we’ve created. Blood oranges are the less acidic citrus cousin to navel oranges - meaning its tart, berry-like overtones accentuate our IPA in an amazing way.

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