• The world’s first music brewery.

    Being first is great in a race, but it can be pretty scary for a business. On the other hand, it can be very rewarding to be able to combine and present your passions to the world, or at least to Louisville. Luckily, our passions are beer, music, and food, so at least we knew a lot of people share those same passions.

    Now, music mavens have a new music venue, hop heads have a nice place to sip their suds, and foodies have a place to nosh on some great Mayan street food. And when these three worlds collide, it's pure magic. Or, as we like to call it, pure Gravely, where fresh beer and live music inspire a one-of-a-kind atmosphere where nightlife flourishes.

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Have Gravely all to yourself.

We suggest you bring friends, family, or coworkers for company, but Gravely is available for private parties of all sizes.

Gig or swig?

Yeah, our space is dope. What are you thinking about?
  • Donation Information

    At Gravely, we pride ourselves on having a space that serves so many different members and organizations in the Louisville community. While we want to help everyone seeking donations or non-profit support, right now we're striving to support causes within our guidelines.

    What are our guidelines, you ask? We're a music brewery so we are actively contributing to non-profit efforts focused on the music community and local Louisville arts scene. We're also big proponents of freshness (especially in our beer!) so will contribute or collaborate with non-profits focused on local food or sustainability.

    If you're not in our non-profit wheelhouse, not all is lost! We're actively reviewing all requests as they come in and will try out best to help out where we can.

  • Fresh beer is everything.

    Would the music sound as good without the beer? Maybe, but that’s not a chance we’re willing to take. Check out our current draught offerings and taste (and hear) for yourself.