Gravely Brewing Co
Gravely Brewing Co
The world's first music brewery based in Louisville, Kentucky. Fresh beer and live music make the world go 'round!




German Pilsner - ABV: 5.6% - IBU: 44

Und now ve dance! Brewed as a traditional North German Pils, this hoppy lager is packed full of German noble hops but finishes unbelievably dry. If you’re an IPA fan looking to switch to something a bit lighter and refreshing, then get this pint ASAP.

▶️ Kraftwerk - Electric Café

Power Chord

West Coast IPA - ABV: 6.8% - IBU: 65

Guitar Gods know power chords are epic and contain root notes so rejoice Hop Heads, for our IPA is the epic set of roots fueling our brewery’s lupulin lust. With a powerful hop aroma demanding to be inhaled instead of smelled, this four-hop IPA finishes dry and demands a one-more-pint encore.

▶️ Dio - Holy Diver

Doc's Hefe

Hefeweizen - ABV: 4.7% - IBU: 15

A classic German brew, Doc’s Hefe is served in a Weizen glass designed exclusively for us. Hefe, meaning “with yeast” in German, lives up to its name by keeping a cloudy, unfiltered appearance. With little to no bitterness, hints of banana and clove, and loads of Vitamin B12 - it’s what the doctor ordered!

▶️ UFO - Doctor Doctor

Dancing in the Dark

Dunkel Lager - ABV: 4.5% - IBU: 20

The Boss may know a thing or two about having a good time in the dark, but he’s never had a brew like this! Although dunkel means dark in German, this is a light-bodied lager with a malty profile that’s as roasty in flavor as it is crisp in drinking. Who’s ready do go dancing in the dunkel?!

▶️ Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in The Dark


Northeast IPA - ABV: 7% - IBU: 50

If IPA was a fruit you could squeeze, this is the juice that would come out of it! A slightly hazy IPA hopped heavily with whole-cone Citra, prepare for tropical fruit aromatics complimented with a balanced bitterness. This is the furthest east Cory has ever lived, so it’s only fitting he grew up to be, be a debaser!

▶️ Pixies - Debaser