"Fresh Beer is Everything" is a motto we not only preach but actively practice. Head Brewer Cory Buenning has been crafting award-winning, delicious recipes - across every consumable beer style imaginable - for decades. We cherish serving fresh beer and have custom-built Gravely's brewery and production line to maintain a consistent, thirst quenching quality no matter the venue.

Gravely Brewing Co offers 14 draft options, all brewed onsite and served in our taproom. You'll find our current offerings below.


Test Pressing

Session IPA - ABV: 4.7% - IBU: 46

Every great vinyl run starts with a test pressing, so we're kicking off our brew tenure with our very own sessionable as hell test pressing! Medium to light bodied with aromatics of fresh orange flesh and a hop profile featuring Centennial and Azacca. 

▶️ Michael Jackson - Thriller (Cory's First Vinyl Purchase! 👶)


Power Chord

West Coast IPA - ABV: 6.8% - IBU: 65

Guitar Gods know power chords are epic and contain root notes so rejoice Hop Heads, for our IPA is the epic set of roots fueling our brewery's lupulin lust. With a powerful hop aroma demanding to be inhaled instead of smelled, this four-hop IPA finishes dry and demands a one-more-pint encore.

▶️ Dio - Holy Diver (🤘)


Doc's Hefe

Hefeweizen - ABV: 4.7% - IBU: 15

A classic German brew, Doc's Hefe is served in a Weizen glass designed exclusively for our brew. Hefe, meaning "with yeast" in German, lives up to its name by keep a cloudy, unfiltered appearance. With little to no bitterness, hints of banana and clove, and loads of Vitamin B12 - it's what the doctor ordered!

▶️ UFO - Doctor Doctor


La Bamba

Mexican Lager - ABV: 5% - IBU: 15

Meet Corona's cooler craft cousin. Thirst quenching, light bodied, refreshing, and garnished with fresh lime for you to use (or not). Oh, and it pairs perfectly with Mayan Street Food. Se necesita una poca de gracia to brew a Mexican Lager this good! 

▶️ Ritchie Valens - La Bamba


Sweet Stout O' Mine

Stout - ABV: 5.1% - IBU: 20

How do you honor the heritage of Kentucky’s bourbon thirst and the naturally sweet palate that comes with it? Brew a rich, full bodied, and slightly sweet stout so good that Axl Rose would take off his headband and spin it ‘round his head like a helicopter.

▶️ Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine



Amber Ale - ABV: 5.1% - IBU: 25

We love new brew technology and the new beer styles that come with, but sometimes you need to get back to basics. Our Amber Ale is malty, with a medium body, dry/toasty characteristics, and fruit ester aromatics.

▶️ Foo Fighters - Walk 


That Cherry Bomb

Stout (Cherry Remix) - ABV: 5.1% - IBU: 20

We’ve taken our classic Stout recipe and remixed it with a tart, yet smooth cherry purée that’s a subtle showstopper. We serve it ice cold but if you want to unlock some additional eye-opening flavor, let it warm up a bit and bombs away! 🍒

▶️ Spoon - You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb



Northeast IPA - ABV: 7% - IBU: 50

If IPA was a fruit you could squeeze, this is the juice that would come out of it! A super hazy IPA hopped heavily with whole-cone Citra, prepare for tropical fruit aromatics balanced with a clean bitterness.  This is the furthest east Cory has ever lived, so it’s only fitting he grew up to be... be a debaser!

▶️ Pixies - Debaser


Butcher Holler

Export Lager - ABV: 5% - IBU: 24

Provst! Our brewer’s favorite beer! His multi-medal, award-winning recipe pays homage to Dortmund - a coal mining city from where this style originated. This medium-bodied lager is dry, crisp, and brewed with German malt, yeast, and just enough hops to make this easy-drinker even more interesting.

▶️ Loretta Lynn - Coal Miner's Daughter


Brown Sugar

Brown Ale - ABV: 4.7% - IBU: 17

A medium-bodied brown ale with hints of caramel and a light, roasted malt flavor that would make any Englishman happy. A low hop profile ensure that malt is the centerpiece of our recipe; brown sugar - how come you taste so good?!

▶️ The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar


Aw Naw, Helles Naw

Helles Lager - ABV: 5.1% - IBU: 18

Helles is German for “bright” and our take on this traditional pale lager is no exception as it radiates a golden hue. Containing subtle hints of spicy German hops, our recipe is full-bodied and balanced perfectly with a robust malt profile to give it a pinch of sweetness before finishing clean as can be.

▶️ Nappy Roots - Awnaw