"Fresh Beer is Everything" is a motto we not only preach but actively practice. Head Brewer Cory Buenning has been crafting award-winning, delicious recipes - across every consumable beer style imaginable - for decades. We cherish serving fresh beer and have custom-designed Gravely's brewery, production line, and glassware to maintain a consistent, thirst quenching quality no matter the venue.

Gravely Brewing Co offers 14 draft options, all brewed onsite and served in our taproom. You'll find our current offerings below.



Double IPA - ABV: 10.1% - IBU: 90

If your idea of a supergroup includes contributions from Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook, Azacca, and Citra hops then look no further than this aromatic all-star! Supergroup is one bitter bad boy with nuclear hops that perfectly cut the high alcohol sweetness, ending with a smooth (not syrupy) finish.

▶️ Traveling Wilburys - Handle with Care


Pay the Dues

Pale Ale - ABV: 6.5% - IBU: 45

We’re paying our dues by implementing the three classic C’s into this Pale Ale: Centennial, Chinook, and Cascade! Alliteration aside, this recipe combines old school hops with new school hopping rates - resulting in a floral and grapefruity flavor profile.

▶️ The Intelligence - We Refuse to Pay the Dues


Drink a Peach

American Quick Sour - ABV: 6.7% - IBU: 15

This refreshing, tart American Quick Sour (not to be confused with the barrel-aged sours behind the stage) contains subtle saison notes and peaches that add a mouth-watering lusciousness. The Allman Brothers say Eat A Peach but we say drink it!

▶️ The Allman Brothers - Blue Sky


Cowboy Dan

Blonde Ale - ABV: 5% - IBU: 17

Cowboy Dan's a major player in the brewery scene, he throws back a Blonde Ale and says damn that's clean! Drink too many of these light bodied and slightly sweet Blonde Ales and you too may find yourself freestyling your own Modest Mouse lyrics.

▶️ Modest Mouse - Cowboy Dan


born to rye

Stout - ABV: 6.8% - IBU: 55

Rye is a revered grain in Kentucky and we respect it so much we crafted an entire IPA recipe around it. Citra lends its fruit forward flavor profile while Simcoe provides a piney backbone, all wrapped up in the spiciness of the rye itself. Eat your heart out, Lana!

▶️ Lana Del Rey - Born To Die


Hüsker Brü

Saison - ABV: 5.8% - IBU: 19

Brewed in honor of the late, great Grant Hart - our Saison is light bodied, effervescent, and packed with enough fruit ester notes to keep your tastebuds tap dancing. The velvety mouthfeel masks a subtle booziness that’ll drum your liver like Grant did our ears!

▶️ Hüsker Dü - Pink Turns To Blue



German Pilsner - ABV: 5.6% - IBU: 44

Und now ve dance! Brewed as a traditional North German Pils, this hoppy lager is packed full of German noble hops but finishes unbelievably dry. If you’re an IPA fan looking to switch to something a bit lighter and refreshing, then get this pint ASAP.

▶️ Kraftwerk - Electric Café


Power Chord

West Coast IPA - ABV: 6.8% - IBU: 65

Guitar Gods know power chords are epic and contain root notes so rejoice Hop Heads, for our IPA is the epic set of roots fueling our brewery’s lupulin lust. With a powerful hop aroma demanding to be inhaled instead of smelled, this four-hop IPA finishes dry and demands a one-more-pint encore.

▶️ Dio - Holy Diver


Dancing in the Dark

Dunkel Lager - ABV: 4.5% - IBU: 20

The Boss may know a thing or two about having a good time in the dark, but he’s never had a brew like this! Although dunkel means dark in German, this is a light-bodied lager with a malty profile that’s as roasty in flavor as it is crisp in drinking. Who’s ready do go dancing in the dunkel?!

▶️ Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in The Dark



Porter (Cranberries Remix) - ABV: 6.8% - IBU: 35

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Our OG Porter forms the foundation for our Cranberries (see what we did there?) flavored remix, meaning the original rich and oh-so smooth flavor profile gets a lingering bittersweetness. Order it with a Mayan Street Food turkey salbute and try our take on a Thanksgiving Dinner! 

▶️ The Cranberries - Linger


Aw Naw, Helles Naw

Helles Lager - ABV: 5.1% - IBU: 18

Helles is German for “bright” and our take on this traditional pale lager is no exception as it radiates a golden hue. Containing subtle hints of spicy German hops, our recipe is full-bodied and balanced perfectly with a robust malt profile to give it a pinch of sweetness before finishing clean as can be.

▶️ Nappy Roots - Awnaw


Staying power

Porter - ABV: 6.8% - IBU: 35

Rich. Smooth. Velvety. Are you reading this in your Barry White voice? Gooood. We've brewed our Porter to mimic the dark, yet super smooth voice of the late baritone. It's the essence of contentment and has a decadent quality sure to warm you up during the winter weather.

▶️ Barry White - Staying Power