Gravely Brewing Co is a family-owned and operated music brewery based in Louisville, Kentucky. Founded by Nathaniel Gravely and brewed by Cory Buenning, the twosome and their wives (who are sisters) Holly Gravely and Kelly Buenning, are driven by equal parts fresh beer and live music. We strive to create brews that push the boundaries of craft beer's creativity while executing classic beers to perfection.

German heritage runs deep both in our owner's family tree and the historic site on which our brewery sits, which suits us just fine because we love brewing classic German recipes. When Head Brewer Buenning isn't doing classic German brews, he's often hanging out in hoptopia making inventive IPAs true to his West Coast background.

We specifically opened our music brewery in Louisville because we ❤️ it here. It's a place where Midwestern values beautifully collide with Southern hospitality, complete with a fervent local music scene and more than enough options for foodies. Although we're in a state known for its bourbon, the blossoming brewery scene is no second fiddle.  

What's a music brewery?

Music mavens think we're a music venue. Hop heads think we're a microbrewery. But we exist somewhere in between, which is why we call ourselves a music brewery. 

Fresh beer and live music are at the core of what Gravely is all about. They're like oxygen to us and we have a hard time imagining a world where one exists without the other. Do other breweries also love music and have the occasional live show? Without a doubt, but in here the music inspires both our atmosphere and beer. And if we do things right, our beer will inspire music. 

Hours & Info

  • Monday - Thursday: 2PM - 11PMish
  • Friday - Saturday: 12PM - 2AMish
  • Sunday: 12PM - 11PMish

Gravely Brewing Co is a smoke-free environment 🚭 - this includes our outdoor beer garden seating as well.

We are a family-friendly establishment but only allow 21+ at our taproom bar. 

We're also 🐶 friendly! Dogs must be kept on a leash and are only permitted in our outdoor beer garden.